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Frond Studio Raku now available

Frond Studio Raku now available Raku is a traditional type of Japanese pottery that is often used in tea ceremonies. It’s an art form that harnesses the reactions of copper, iron, and cobalt when presented with the flames of a kiln. The pottery is pulled out while red hot and and put into a container filled with flammable organic materials…

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Greeting the Moon now available

Greeting the Moon

Greeting the Moon is by artist Keiichi Nishimura  Keiichi, who is known for his unique approach to wave imagery, trained as an artist in Japan under his father, master painter Jintaro Nishimura. Keiichi and designer Bergen Rose are a Seattle area art and design team dedicated to the creation of Asian-inspired patterns for art quilts, embroidery, and apparel. Find the patterns,…

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