Greeting the Moon is by artist Keiichi Nishimura  Keiichi, who is known for his unique approach to wave imagery, trained as an artist in Japan under his father, master painter Jintaro Nishimura. Keiichi and designer Bergen Rose are a Seattle area art and design team dedicated to the creation of Asian-inspired patterns for art quilts, embroidery, and apparel. Find the patterns, wonderful interpretations by Bergen of paintings by Keiichi, at www.mochimochifiberart.com.

The master panel for Greeting the Moon features a pair of Japanese Red Crowned Cranes, a symbol of longevity and fidelity and a traditional subject of Japanese artists. Here, the cranes gaze serenely at a pale moon amidst a sea of swirling waves. Companion prints include a dynamic wave print, cranes in flight, a little flower and feather print, an elegant medallion geometric, and a tone-on-tone texture. Add simple borders from the coordinates to the panel for an easy wall hanging.

Greeting the Moon 25166 Multi 25171 Black Greeting the Moon Greeting the Moon Greeting the Moon Greetign the Moon Greeting the Moon Greeting the Moon Greeting the Moon Greeting the Moon

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